Sitecore user serialization

A colleague gave me an excel file with usernames, password and profile information and asked me if I could import them in Sitecore.
After writing an import tool (read about reading excel files here), I thought to be clever and used Sitecore serialization to import all users to the test environment.
Serialization works quite well. It creates a user file for every user (in the data\serialization\security folder) and even the roles can be serialized.
I copied these files to the test environment and started the deserialization process. All sitecore users were visible in sitecore, but none of the users where able to login.
That’s when I found out that passwords are not serialized!
So remember! Serialization of users looks nice, but you do need to create new passwords!


  1. Hi !

    Did your code process extended properties in the sitecore user template?

    If yes, could you please share the code you used to deserialize the sitecore properties from the membership tables?

    Thanks a lot in advance

    • hi Ivan,

      I know that this is possible, but I currently do not work with Sitecore anymore so I am not able to check out how this can be done. I can remember that we fixed this with creating a custom profile for a user.

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