My name is┬áVincent Keizer, I’m a software developer. I work for a software company where I work in a team developing an E-commerce platform.
Most of my time I work on Web applications in c# and .Net Framework.
In the weekends I like to experiment with all kinds of programming languages, tools, frameworks and mobile applications.

The first few years of my career were mainly based on front-end techniques. I worked on a SPA CMS for some time. This SPA was built with MVC and jQuery. This is where I have learned a lot about JavaScript, Ajax, CSS and markup.
My interests slowly moved from front-end to back-end development. Tho I still love to do some little front-end projects in the weekends.
A few years ago I wrote some jQuery plugins, they are available on Github ( and on NuGet (, the documentation can be found on my projects pages(

My current activities are more back-end related. I am very interested in Domain Driven Design, Test Driven development and Design patterns. I find my challenges in applying design patterns where needed and keeping code as loosely coupled as possible. I just love readable, maintainable and unit testable code.

One of my other interests is music. I love playing guitar. A big Martin fan, owning a DCPA-5. With my spotify subscription I discover new music every day.
When it is sunny in Holland, I like to go hiking in the nature with my Canon camera and Macro lens and take pictures. Some pictures can be found on this site.

In this blog I share my experiences and discoveries in code land. I hope you find it useful.