Have you ever met a front end developer who doesn’t mind working in Visual Studio? Well, I’m one of the lucky ones who have!
He doesn’t even own an iPhone and still his work is pretty awesome! (no, he did not pay me to write this!)

We work together on several projects. He works uses a basic version of visual studio 2010, while I work with visual studio 2012.
I created some .net 4 web projects for him to work in, and asked him to get the latest version from TFS.

He asked me if he should install WebMatrix and I answered with a simple no. This caused the projects to not being able to load.
I started checking the project references, nothing shocking. The project properties were also pretty basic, using custom webserver.

I discovered that the problem was IIS Express. This is not installed in VS 2010. Probably didn’t exists at the time of release.

So I checked the web server settings to see if IIS Express is enabled, but the project settings were set to custom webserver and the already disabled IIS Express checkbox was not checked.

I finally checked the project file, by using edit project file. This will unload the project and allows you to edit the project file, which is basically just an xml file. You should definetly check this out if you have never done that before.

And that’s where I saw the problem:


Setting this to false and reloading and committing the project file solved the problem!